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did you do your ‘fashion show’?

January 25, 2010

My mother coined the term for my excessive but necessary(!) change of clothes before I leave the house and it has become a family inside-joke.

“Did you  do your fashion show?” she asks me. We giggle about it and I tell her (most of the time):

“No. You weren’t there to watch!” (Mothers give the most brutally honest advice–which is also necessary.)

Fashion is fun. Especially when you’ve just bought something new and can’t wait to put it together with the many older pieces hanging in your closet.

This weekend should be fun because I am finally going shopping…! Can’t wait. It’s been a while. The only reason I’m getting to is because I’m returning some Christmas gifts.

I’ll post pictures of the outfits I come up with…in the mean time. I’ll share a slide show I made containing some pieces I would consider staples. I used items from polyvore but can’t provide details on these. So sorry about that–for you and me.

Still, let me know what you think.

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